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Knowledge Connections

What We Do And How We Do It….
Our clients call us when they wish to manage their knowledge assets in their organization. They may have critical issues that are pressing on their minds— a major strategic or operational need or an organizational challenge. They look to us for honest, objective, thoughtful, and experienced advice.

With our broad reach of expertise across various Information and Knowledge Centre functions, we speak our clients’ language. We live where they live. We understand their business.

We do this using these core approaches:

We adopt a fact-based management technique
We find and solve the most critical and challenging problems in managing explicit and tacit knowledge. We take an overall, independent, and fact-based view of a client’s performance. We rely on facts because they provide clarity and align people. Facts are the global management language. We work with facts to provide credible recommendations. We work directly with leaders who can partner with us to develop and accept recommendations and have the ability to implement them.

We optimise our knowledge network to deliver the best to our clients
No one at Knowledge Connections "owns" a client relationship. We rely on multiple people, not a single consultant or a single office, to provide leadership and our high standard of client service in each situation. We draw on our global network of internal and external expertise to bring together the right minds for the right solutions.

We encourage innovative leadership
Our clients need new insight. We ask our people to bring their best thinking to our clients. We invest significant resources in creating a knowledge sharing environment. We see it as our mission to advance this knowledge to our clients by organizing communities of practices with topics that are current, relevant and pre-emptive, that encourage networking, sharing and building new knowledge.

We help build client capabilities towards continuous improvement
We work with our clients as we do with our colleagues. We help build their capabilities and leadership skills at every level and every opportunity. Our Community of Practice programs will provide our clients with a collaborative environment to help secure a ‘buy-in’ with the internal support, get to real issues, and reach practical recommendations. We help bring out the capabilities of clients to fully participate in the process and lead the work after we have left.

We develop enduring relationships based on trust and commitment
We earn our clients’ trust. We do this through our consistently superior service, our professional conduct, and our complete commitment. Each one of us is responsible for earning and keeping our clients’ trust with our personality and quality of our work. We care for our clients and maintain relationships, even when we are not serving them.

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