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KMaya - An online community of practice

KMaya for the Information and Knowledge Management Industry is a website that supports collaboration across Information and Knowledge Management Centres. It is an initiative by Knowledge Connections Sdn Bhd for Libraries and Knowledge Houses centred on a specially developed web platform for user-generated content.

KMaya is an accessible resource that enables like-minded people to form online communities of practice using collaboration tools including blogs, wikis and social networks. It encourages knowledge-sharing and learning from each other’s’ experiences, and the fundamental aim is ‘helping conversations to happen’.

The objective of KMaya?

The ‘Communities of Practice’ (CoP) face-to-face program began five years ago and the first 18 months was devoted to designing, building and testing of our CoP model. During the span of five years we had facilitated over 15 CoPs and performed multiple consultancy projects, in topics that are related to the Information and Knowledge Management Industry. In order to ‘codify’ the user-generated content in our CoPs, we have decided to embark on the development of KMaya to enable online collaboration. KMaya has a core team of five facilitators plus a web designer for web development and support.

The KMaya collaboration model was adapted to build KMaya, the virtual knowledge hub for Librarians (www.kmaya.com.my)

From 2009, Our Knowledge Connection website – advertised events, workshops and publications in the traditional fashion, but we began exploring the possibility of using new web 2.0 technologies to increase engagement and help knowledge centres share best practices. As a result we had decided to invest in creating an online social platform specially for librarians – KMaya : Keilmuan Maya.

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Director of Services, Geeta Albert, says: “For me, what is really exciting about KMaya is that for the first time we can see what’s happening. We will know who is involved, what they are interested in and how they react to something. Just as importantly, we will know which people we are missing and where programmes and activities are not having an impact. From an improvement point of view KMaya has the potential to provide real and powerful feedback”.

Working with our existing technology partner, a team of three enthusiastic staff has been set up to train prospective users and facilitate online knowledge-sharing by them.

An online community of practice can be set up by anyone in for any kind of practice improvement and to provide a knowledge-enabling environment as a platform for their organizational innovation programs. The Team can be called upon for any assistance or service to cultivate your own Communities of Practice.

Our fervent wish is that the users will utilised the concept of KMaya as a platform to facilitate knowledge and experiences to be exchanged between specialists and novices nationally and internationally.

For more information
Web : www.KMaya.com.my
Email : forum@kconnections.com.my
Tel : 03-7957 1121 (Mohd Fauzi / Nor Takrim)

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