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Knowledge has been described as “The capacity for effective action” and in a globally competitive business environment, about the only key differentiator is the ability to leverage on existing knowledge and create new knowledge. Hence, the need for Knowledge Management (KM) has become very important for an organisation to maintain or develop a competitive advantage. Technology, particularly software, has become the most important KM enabler. NeuLogic® is one such KM enabler.

NeuLogic® is a comprehensive Knowledge Management (KM) technology tool. It harnesses the power of Information Technology and that coupled with the creativity of our developers brings to the desktop knowledge management engines that would enhance productivity and improve knowledge retention. Enterprises will benefit extensively by tapping into their vast pool of tacit and explicit knowledge and retain as much as possible and make them available for the benefit of the organisation.

NeuLogic® provides the following benefits to an organisation:

  • Streamlines knowledge access and retrieval and puts content in context.
  • Accelerates knowledge discovery by connecting users with the right knowledge at the right time.
  • Enhances knowledge organisation, allowing organisations to maximise the value of the knowledge.
  • Captures and protects knowledge assets, reduces duplication of work, and enables organisations to identify knowledge gaps.
  • Offers the tools for employees to collaborate in order to seek and share knowledge.
  • Allows for the implementation of Taxonomies, to bring to the employee and all those offered access to the knowledge base, the inherent benefits of a strategically organised knowledge repository.
NeuLogic® provides the following modules and its functions are described below:
Multimedia Objects Manager (MOM)
Allows a diverse suite of tools to form a comprehensive solution targeted at corporations or institutions who need to ease content management and interchange over the web, whilst transferring enterprise-wide information into repositories that can be accessed from anywhere in the world.

Can be integrated with ILMU™ to offer a comprehensive suite of solutions to manage an organisation’s information and knowledge resources.
Content Classifier
This module accepts unstructured data and parses the content before providing one or more classification for the content using statistical analysis algorithm.
Content Summariser
This module accepts unstructured data and parses the content before providing a summary of the content using statistical analysis algorithm.
Provides users with a platform for managing discussion in forum groups and community interest groups.

Provides the ability for online discussions groups that are geographically distant to participate in sharing of ideas.

Collaborative ideas are catalogued and stored in the MOM repository for future reference.
NeuLogic® Foundation
It is a module which allows centralised management of policies and dependencies required by other modules under NeuLogic®.
It is a repository of FAQ pertaining to the department or faculty. Qubix is used to manage FAQs, which are organised according to subject area.

Users are able to make informed decisions via the FAQ Viewer, which provides access to the relevant questions of interest according to the subject areas that are pre-defined.
InfoCaster (via the eSAM and Revenue Management portlets) provides the knowledge centre with the facility for users to conduct broadcast searches to multiple information sources via the web.

Result sets can be selectively stored in pre-determined repositories and displayed via Info Mint at MDG or InfoFeed. InfoCaster is able to maintain a repository of locations and the necessary authentication information for all the information sources.
Enables the automatic extraction of recently updated documents, sourced from pre-determined diverse digital repositories (internal or external), and displayed in a single aggregated format. Extracted information are summarised and classified according to pre-determined classification and displayed for the users in NeuWeb™ display portal via eQUIP.
My Domain Gateway (MDG)

Provides the library with the facility to organise relevant information according to the user’s profile based on the users’ requirements.

The users are provided with their own personalised page from which to view current information of interest. These components extract, filter, and analyse content that is stored in NeuLogic® and ILMU™ repositories and provide display facilities in a single aggregated manner.

Path Finder
Provides the knowledge centre with the capability to build and maintain the corporate knowledge taxonomy.

A user interface would be provided to allow users to visually navigate through the knowledge items lodged into the knowledge taxonomy.

Users would be provided with the facility to select, extract and deposit documents of interest to his or her MDG portal for future reference.
Portlet Channel Manager
It is a module which allows management of portlets. The management functions include registration, modification and removal of portlets from NeuLogic®.
Purchase Recommendation
Allows users an alternative method of item selection. Items recommended are displayed on the web organised by subject area, faculty or department.

Users are provided with the option to select the items displayed for purchase, with a choice to enter their own requests.

Suppliers of books or articles are given an option to populate the Purchase Recommendation repository and provide the users with the facility to view latest arrivals (which are of interest to him or her) in a pre-determined display category.
Virtual Reference Bay (VRB)
Provides the knowledge centres with the facility to organise relevant information according to pre-determined groups or classes.

These suite of components extract, filter and analyses contents that are stored in NeuLogic® and ILMU™ repositories and provide display facilities in a single aggregated manner via the VRB display portlets at eQUIP.

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