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The Online Communities of Practice

Organizations Need To Capture And Manage Knowledge

‘A successful KM program involves more than just implementing a new technology. It requires understanding and integrating the human aspects and the culture that the organization operates.

A thriving KM program requires the active participation of all workers in the enterprise. Employees must contribute, as well as seek information and processes that can help them to accomplish the mission of the organization.

Managers should view sharing knowledge as a way of transforming employees into better workers.’ – Michael Stankosky, Creating The Discipline of Knowledge Management, 2005.

A successful KM program requires a combination of both tangible resources (systems and processes) and intangible resources (people’s contribution of knowledge)

While explicit knowledge can be accessible, acquiring tacit knowledge is more complex, giving rise to the establishment of social learning models of knowledge capture and transfer such as Communities of Practice (CoPs).

Communities of Practices (CoPs) are ‘Groups of people who share a set of problems, or a passion about a topic and who deepen their knowledge and expertise in this area by interacting on an on-going basis.’ - Wenger, E., McDermott, R., & Synder, W.M. Cultivating Communities of Practice: A Guide to Managing Knowledge.

KMaya Unleashed

KMaya is, in essence, a series of Social Learning Tools that have proven to be an effective way to acquire and manage knowledge. KMaya is unique in its ability to deal with a broad spectrum of KM-related issues that technology alone cannot fulfil.

The uniqueness of our Program is our proven ability and success in bringing Information Professionals together as a cohesive group who is readily available to share knowledge and lend support to one another in building a community.

We have successfully organized multiple Seminars and Workshops for Information Management Professionals all over the country. Each workshop is specialized in a knowledge domain that touched deep in the heart of the information profession, resulting in overwhelming response from the participants for more.

At each of our
KMaya program, participants experienced invigorating thirst for more knowledge due to the ‘knowledge acquisition’ model used to create, share and apply knowledge. Not only did the participants get to benefit from peer-collaboration for fresh ideas, they were able to draw on the knowledge of subject matter experts (with experience of more than three(3) decades in information management) to innovate and develop their own unique strengths and capabilities.

KMaya : provides a new approach, which focuses on people and on the social structures that enable them to learn with and from each other. Organizations will be able to :

  • develop competencies beyond tested methods and procedures;
  • gain professional recognition and reputation through proactive contributions;
  • engage with peers and like-minded professionals to resolve issues and enhance skills;
  • build trust and establish ‘modes of belonging to a common domain; and
  • translate their knowledge, experiences and insights into shared practices.

The KMaya Deliverables

Knowledge Content
Knowledge Content which essentially encompasses the shared practices and recordings of tacit knowledge will be generated at the end of the program, and be compiled as organizational knowledge assets for your knowledge repository.

Analysis Report
An Analysis Report will be generated after each Workshop to outline all findings gathered from the recordings of tacit knowledge and participants’ feedback for management review.
“The only irreplaceable capital an organization possesses is the Knowledge and Ability of its people. The productivity of that capital depends on how effectively people share their competence, with those who can
Use it. ”
Andrew Carnegie

The KMaya Products Portfolio

KMaya’s portfolio of products and services will provide end-to-end facilities and services that will enable learning organizations to capture, manage, share and deliver vital knowledge content to its members in a fully integrated web environment, comprising the following components:

1. Community HelpLine : Discovering Best Practices

  • Discover Best Practices from existing ‘knowledge threads’;
  • 'Talk' in E-forums, post discussions for interactive feedbacks;
  • Enter user defined tags for quick and easy access; and
  • Request for online help on issues related to operating selected key topics.

2. Reading Cafe : Advancing the Literacy Level

  • Access to aggregated researched materials, seminar papers and codified best practices ;
  • Fast discovery of author’s insights to develop fresh perspectives ; and
  • Easy exploration of ‘know-hows’ for decision making.

3. Primer : Ask, Learn and Share at our face-to-face CoPs

  • Participate and acquire new knowledge via Industry Practitioners ;
  • Share experiences amongst peers and create new perspectives;
  • Build ‘knowledge networks’ to identify who knows what; and
  • Access to consolidated findings of experts and participants experiences and opinions.

4. ExpertLine : Discuss ‘Fresh’ Perspectives

  • Engage advisory support in Implementing Strategies ;
  • ‘Capture’ and aggregate knowledge nuggets in library related issues; and
  • Professional guidance in reviewing and realigning policies.

5. NeuNexus Consultancy : Engage in Knowledge Management Programs

  • Expertise to develop the ‘Strategy Dashboard’ for managing knowledge;
  • Cultivate CoPs in organizations to nurture knowledge sharing; and
  • Enhance your Community Portal to cultivate the organizational collaborative climate.

6. KMaya Advertorials : Online Space to Market Product Offerings

  • Identify key differentiators to develop product offerings;
  • Build marketing content and design advertorial layouts ; and
  • Facilitate hosting space to market the organizational products and services.

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