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Innovation in the Marketing of Information Services

Hosted in Penang Public Library Corporation in Feb 2008

The evolution of the “digital age” has prompted profound changes in the library and information service environment, which includes: changes in economy, education and learning, scholarly exchange, and information technology. Libraries have to take those challenges by various measures including developing and learning, scholarly exchange, information technology and including developing a culture for innovation.

As such, libraries today need to focus on not only marketing their information services but also develop innovative means to market their information services.

Key Ideas that were brainstormed

  • Innovation – creation, incremental vs transformational
  • What are the 4Ps & 4Cs in Marketing?
  • What are the types of information services that a library can offer?
  • Customer Satisfaction defined in the context of a library
  • The marketing processes of a library

Learning Areas

  1. Techniques an organization can use to cultivate an innovative culture

  2. Identifying and developing the components of a marketing system
    • Market research – identifying your core business and targeting your customers
    • Assessing internal environment – how to develop data gathering & strategic analysis, problems in implementing the SWOT analysis
    • Assessing external strengths – Assess trends & competitors’ strengths
    • Elements of a Marketing strategy – it must have an objective, initiative, development of services & implementation
    • Tools and techniques that can be used for assessing their environment

  3. Developing the technique of developing innovative marketing strategies that are suitable for a library.

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