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Techniques in Marketing Knowledge: Making Libraries More Competitive

Hosted in National Library – March 2010

Today knowledge management (KM) is the winning word in all types of organizations whether service oriented or business oriented, government or private. Libraries are not lagging behind in this race. Increasingly, library and information professionals are being referred to as knowledge managers and libraries and information centers as knowledge centers. The new era would include more than managing information, it would require skills to market this KNOWLEDGE. These ‘Knowledge Managers by understanding what is entailed in KM will require to develop the necessary techniques and competencies to keep abreast with these changes and win this race.

Key Ideas that were brainstormed

  • The issues in promoting a customer centric marketing such as:
    • What are libraries marketing
    • Does the library have an ‘appropriate’ image?
    • Do they have systems that allow for developing customers?
    • Is there sufficient funding for marketing?
    • Should marketing be departmental or an organizational responsibility

  • Identifying what customers want from a knowledge center which includes
    • collections, services, expertise, systems & processes and leadership

  • The use of various data gathering methods to use such as:
    • Primary sources – surveys, interviews, focus groups, etc
    • Secondary sources – books, journals, newspapers, etc

Learning Areas

Techniques and Implementation Programs to market knowledge were identified.

  1. Techniques in analyzing and identifying customer needs

  2. Techniques in developing a brand image (brand essence) for the library

  3. Conducting an analysis of the library’s capacity to undertake marketing activities via the use of SWOT analysis

  4. Identifying the target market and segment/profile its customer base

  5. Developing elements of a promotional budget for the library

  6. Developing promotional activities/tools for the Library collection and services

  7. Developing a mechanism for monitoring and evaluating the marketing strategy for the Library’s collection and services.

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