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The Library's Priority Areas for marketing

Core Competencies for the Marketing of Library Services and Facilities: Analysis and Evaluation

Hosted in PUiTM - Oct 2010

Regardless of the type of the library, the need to develop customer-centered and strategic marketing planning has now become part of effective library management (Lee, 2000). Marketing involves finding out what the Customer wants, then setting out to meet these needs. This requires a shift from product or service orientation to customer or need orientation.

The basis for library marketing is the need first, to enhance quality of services and second to improve the perceived value of these services to achieve customer satisfaction. Enhancing existing and developing new competencies in marketing for librarians, is a key strategy into successfully implementing aggressive marketing programs and performing more systematic techniques of collecting data on their user’s needs.

Key Ideas that were brainstormed

  • Critical Success Factors in Libraries – Collection, Services, Facilities and Expertise

  • The daily issues faced by Front-Desk or Liaison officers with their Users

  • The case studies of other libraries on similar situations.

  • The identification of priority areas in marketing Library Collection, Services and Facilities

  • The strategies and competencies that are required to be transform libraries from product oriented to customer or need oriented.

  • The challenges and ‘work-arounds’ that libraries will face in order to develop these new competencies.

Learning Areas

  1. Critical success factors in Libraries –sub-elements in Collection, Services, Facilities and Expertise segments.

  2. Modern Marketing Factors – Library Perspective

  3. What do Users want today? They need the library’s collection Information but WANT knowledge.

  4. Understanding Users Needs, Wants and Demands.

  5. Priority Areas for Marketing

  6. Definition of Competency – Knowledge, Skill and Attitude

  7. Competencies, Knowledge, Skills and Attitude required for current marketing programs

  8. Challenges faced and suggestions on how it can be addressed.

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