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Developing Qualifying Elements for Strategic Transformation

“The only irreplaceable capital an organization possesses is the Knowledge and Ability of its people. The productivity of that capital depends on how effectively people share their competence, with those who can Use it. ” Andrew Carnegie

The Strategic Transformation of Learning Organizations

We are living in a rapidly changing environment, where organizations must be able to adapt to this fast-changing environment to keep up with producing quality products and providing better services. This is especially true for libraries or information centres that should deliver ever-increasing information promptly.

The information environment is in a state of unceasing dynamics driven by mega trends in IT, the ‘googlization’ impact, educational reforms and institutional changes. Therefore, it is very important for knowledge centres to develop new management strategies to cope with such turbulent environmental changes and dynamically manage this change to upgrade organizational performances.

The heart of a well-defined strategic approach, as it is in marketing and product development is maintaining organizational knowledge. The changes taking place in the world economy have made Knowledge Management (KM) a business necessity. Managing your organization’s knowledge more effectively and exploiting it in the marketplace, is the latest pursuit of those seeking competitive advantage.

The organizations that are driven by knowledge are the ones that will succeed. The combination of global reach and speed compels organizations to ask ourselves, “What do we know, who knows it, what do we not know that we should know?

Qualitative Elements for Strategic Transformation
Quest unleashes a suite of programs and tools to assist Knowledge Centres, with this strategic transformation:

  1. Utilising the combination of the ‘Blue Ocean and Porter’s model’ to sense external environmental impacts of the service industry.
  2. Developing the Organizational Strategy Canvas to determine the key value drivers and critical success factors(CSFs) for the knowledge centre;
  3. Utilising the CSFs to reposition the organization to its desired outcome;
  4. Creating desired ‘Blue-Ocean’ products and services for developing competitive advantage;
  5. Using the Balance Score Card system in developing the knowledge-centre strategy-map;
  6. Identifying the domains of organizational knowledge and developing the knowledge value chain ( knowledge in-flows, out-flows and gatekeepers of this knowledge) and
  7. Identifying knowledge and skills that is required to develop the necessary competencies to manage this knowledge.
The Organizational Strategic Tranformation Road Map

In keeping abreast of customer needs, organizations will be required to constantly innovate new products and services and in parallel, improve their delivery system.

QuePrimer is a suite of programs that provide insights (the knowledge domains, the value chain and scenarios) of the existing environment, the organizational need to innovate, the critical elements that are required to be analysed, tweaked and adopted for strategic transformation.
QueProbe engagement and data analysis programs, involves specifying the objective of the business venture or project, identifying the internal and external factors that are favourable and unfavourable to achieve that objective and finally determining the ‘organizational competitive landscape’.
The QueProfiler is a technique that establishes key elements that will be utilised to develop the company’s or its departmental strategy framework. By tabulating the key elements of the organization’s current position and their competitive scenarios, the strategic position of the organization can be determined.
QuePrism takes an internal and external perspective of the current scenario, analyses the organizational landscape (strengths to sustain and gaps that will be required to bridged), develops an Organizational Strategy Blue-print through a series of customer engagement programs and workshops.

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