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NeuWeb™ is fundamentally a digitized information management solution. NeuWeb™ also complements ILMU™ to offer the client an excellent end to end Digital Library automation solution. In fact, NeuWeb™ is an effective tool for any organization that wishes to organize, store and retrieve digitized information. An elaborate suite of functions have been included in NeuWeb™ to offer the client exceptional depth in the choice of services that may be offered to their employees and users. Some of the salient features of NeuWeb™ are :-

  • Facilities to search, discover and navigate through information from a single search query.
  • Ability to host an information network, connecting users to communities of interest or expert systems.
  • Ability to perform personalisation and presentation of relevant information to the desktop.
  • Delivery of information to the desktop via intelligent agents.
  • Access to a wide range of materials maintained by other information centres with which the host could collaborate.
  • Virtual information services.
  • Community information portal.

NeuWeb™ functions available to the user are :-

Provides a flexible, scalable, extensible cornerstone for the dissemination of knowledge and information to the knowledge seeker.

Different elements, from enterprise information to counter and reference desk services can be aggregated and “plugged-in” into eQUIP, enabling users to initiate self-accessed web services from their own desktop computers.

Users are able access to facilities such as view reserved or borrowed items, view fines, perform renewals, retrieve favourite web sites or URL Links (via MDG), review suggestions from the Knowledge Desk, review mails generated from the KM System and review new arrivals (via the Personalisation engine), from their desktops.
Community Information Service
It encourages community-wide communication and collaboration efforts within the knowledge community.

It increases information sharing among unconnected people or groups, which could lead to a closer community. A successful CIS would be a trusted source of information and knowledge for the community. Users of CIS are provided with maintainable URL Links that can access credible information and referral services.
Copyright Management
It manages a repository of an organisation’s copyright licenses for all aspects of digital content or subscribed repositories.

Copyright Management polices that manage the usage of digital content by maintaining the number of access licenses of a particular digital document.
A module which crawls through MOM repositories installed in distributed sites to retrieve links to digital contents, and index these links in a central repository.
Electronic Search Agent Management (eSAM)
It is a tool that provides a facility for an enterprise to maintain any number of external databases and resources, which are easily accessible through a single sign-on facility and search interface. It allows unified searching and retrieval from external, free or subscribed bibliographic databases, digital repositories, e-journals and internet databases with search results displayed and ranked by relevancy in a single view.
This module focuses on the generation of charges for services rendered from the ILMU™, E-components and Smart Tools suite of modules.

The eBilling policy manager is able to manage various categories of charges and integrates with the Membership Management module to extract the relevant eligibility rights of the user. Bills are electronically generated and emailed to the users’ desktops.
eDocument Delivery
It provides users the facility to initiate online requests for queried documents to be delivered to their desk-tops electronically.
Facilities Management
Allows management of all resources, including internet terminals, and usage of photo-stating services and rooms, that are provided by the knowledge centre. Through the web enabled ECalender function, users are provided with the facility to perform online bookings of these resources.
Kid’s Corner
Is a child-friendly WebOPAC interface that can be accessed in the library or at home.

Searches can be performed on children’s collection. The children could point and click on a graphics-driven browser, which is fully customisable, that can steer them to wherever they need to go.
Membership Management
This module manages web registration, member information and attributes, member profile, and a host of other features that permit members with interactive site privileges from their desk-tops. Users may self-administer their member account in real-time from their desk-tops.
A module which crawls through MOM repositories installed in distributed sites to retrieve the metadata and index these metadata in a central repository.
The Personalisation engine delivers a range of personalisation operations based on an individual's profile.

Users are provided with facilities to register interests, monitor and be alerted to information pertinent to their own personal 'channels', which is displayed via the MDG module.
Repository Management
This engine enables search across multiple internal content repositories via a single sign-on facility.

Repository Management provides support for attribute-based, Boolean or full-text search and viewing of a broad range of content formats, from rich media to traditional text-based documents.
Revenue Management
This module manages the revenue generated by the digital library services in the knowledge centre. Using the Receipting function, the Revenue Management module accepts payments for search queries and requests for service transactions that are made to the knowledge repositories.
Virtual Research Facilitator
Allows the knowledge centre to provide research and administrative services to users. The knowledge centre maintains the role of an information gateway by providing information packaging services.

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