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Our Innovation Footprint
Our Innovation Footprint : Communities of Practice Seminars, Consultancy Projects and Workshops

Knowledge Connections specialises in providing creative and comprehensive digital library and knowledge management solutions to help organizations build knowledge-enabled environments that can leverage on their knowledge assets.

The uniqueness of our program is the implementation of Social Learning Tools that have proven to be an effective way to acquire and manage knowledge and deal with a broad spectrum of KM-related issues that technology alone cannot fulfil.

We have had a series of successful Human Capital Development programs (seminars and workshop) which have led to a creation of a cohesive group of Information Professional who are readily available to share knowledge and lend support to one another in building a learning community.

Each of our workshop is specialized in a knowledge domain that had touched deep in the heart of the information profession, resulting in overwhelming response from the participants and invigorating thirst for more knowledge. Not only did the participants get to benefit from peer-collaboration for fresh ideas, they were able to draw on the knowledge of subject matter experts (with experience of more than three (3) decades in information management), to innovate and develop their own unique strengths and capabilities and strive to drive operational efficiency and performance excellence in their respective organizations.

Our Knowledge Acquisitions Program include :

Communities of Practice Seminars, Consultancy Projects and Workshops

Innovation Type

Competency Development

Development and analysing library competencies for operational efficacy :

  1. Key Performance Indicators for Librarians (hosted in Universiti Malaysia Terengganu) (more)
  2. Competency Skills for Librarians (hosted in Universiti Teknologi MARA)
  3. From IM to KM : Developing New Competencies for Librarians (hosted in International Islamic Universiti of Malaysia)
  4. Core Competencies for the Marketing of Library Services and Facilities : Analysis and Evaluation (hosted in Universiti Teknologi Mara) (View Slide)
Ability to develop and analyse competencies for operational efficacy
Techniques in Marketing of Services

Development and analysing innovative marketing services and competencies :

  1. Innovation in the Marketing of Information Services (hosted in the Penang State Library) (more)
  2. Techniques in Marketing Knowledge : Making Libraries more competitive (hosted in the National Library of Malaysia) (View Slide) (more)
  3. From IM to KM : Providing knowledge-based services for the medical industry (hosted in the Hospital Library - Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia) (View Slide) (more)
  4. Core Competencies for the Marketing of Library Services and Facilities : Analysis and Evaluation (hosted in Universiti Teknologi Mara) (more)
Ability to align and enhance marketing strategies and processes to enhance customer relationship development
Evaluation of internal operations : Capturing, Diagnosing and Managing Knowledge

Development of Knowledge Assets for human capital development :

  1. KM Primer and Taxonomy Management workshop (hosted by Ministry of Defence)
  2. The Universiti as a Knowledge Organization (hosted by Universiti Malaysia Sabah)
  3. Pushing the frontier : From information management to knowledge management (hosted by Universiti Malaya)
  4. Developing intellectual capital through knowledge assets: Importance of knowledge audit (hosted in Ministry of Defence). (more)
  5. Diagnostics approach towards enhancing the growth and performance of a Library (hosted by Sabah State Library). (more)
  6. Making libraries accountable to their customers through value-based management (hosted in University Malaysia Sarawak (UNIMAS) (View Slide)
  7. A diagnostic approach towards the re-branding of library services & facilities (hosted by Ministry of Health) (View Slide)
  8. The impact of Library Management Systems in improving operational efficacy in libraries: the Malaysian Context (currently in progress) .
  9. Using the Blue Ocean Strategy for the Competitive Survival of Knowledge Centres
  10. Exploring Qualifying Elements for Knowledge Management. (hosted by Perpustakaan Negara Malaysia)
  11. The Educational Role of Librarians in Developing Independent Learners Through Information Literacy Programs (Keynote Slide) (Workshop Slide)
The ability to analyse strengths, weaknesses, threats and opportunities in the organizational current strategies and processes.

Identify possible strategies to bridge the operational gaps in order to enhance the organizational service delivery model.

Ability to align and enhance internal strategies and processes to develop knowledge assets for human capital development

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