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The paradox of ‘the right hand didn’t know what the left hand was doing’ occurs frequently in siloed organizations. People who are not in the know will often ‘re-invent the wheel’ in their business approach thereby leading to inefficient use of intellectual capital.

To overcome this dilemma, organizations practise Knowledge Management (KM) to ensure that organizational knowledge assets (explicit and tacit knowledge) are captured and shared for use and re-use in a systematic manner.

And the underlying framework for KM to succeed is to ‘create systems and processes that support and facilitate the identification, capture, dissemination and use of the organization's knowledge to meet business objectives.’ - Rusanow, Gretta.

Those organizations that can manage and apply business knowledge successfully and creatively can yield huge dividends.

To facilitate fact- and expertise-based decision making, we have recognized the need to provide our clients with:

Capability – how can organizations identify needs, innovate, and exchange know-how

Flexibility – how can organizations seize opportunities and address challenges in an increasingly complex landscape

Delivery – how can organizations create the environment to share and leverage best practices and action insights

Because we fully understand the value delivered to organizations from addressing these challenges, we have both developed and leveraged with our experienced Solutions Partners, a formidable range of solutions to address the issues in the Knowledge Management frontier.

What are Knowledge Connections Solutions?

  • Knowledge Connections Solutions offer our customers sophisticated and leading edge Information and Knowledge Management solution and services.
  • Our Goal is to provide the right expertise, tools, frameworks, and approaches to reduce complexity and enable organizations to successfully tackle the challenges they face when they embark in the development of knowledge assets.
  • Our Solutions cover a growing pool of key business functions and the needs of many industries in managing their knowledge assets. They reinforce our mission and are a further natural step in our evolution as the leading top-management consultancy in the Information and Knowledge Management Arena.

How do Knowledge Connections Solutions work?
Knowledge Connections Solutions work in 4 main domains – all of which provide organizations with actionable insights.

Engage – we commence work by providing our customers with a diagnostics perspective of our customer’s current scenario that involve all qualifying elements of auditing, benchmarking, and tracking of performance and health by leveraging survey-based diagnostics and/or best-practice expertise.

Strategize – we provide expertise and models to analyze extensive data sets to support decision making through analyzing, forecasting and creating a schematic strategy and plan in developing and managing our Customers’ Knowledge Assets.

Implement – we help implement decisions and build capabilities via our Knowledge Intermediaries and the installation of technology-enabled products and process management service platforms.

Advance – we advance knowledge and the dynamics of implementing an information and knowledge management program in an organization, which will be through the creation of communities of practices, the development of internal technical know-how expertise and the establishment of an institutional knowledge repository for actionable insights.

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